Our Intent

Our journey started in 2012, pioneering the first flexible workplace, underpinned by a booking solution, which we repurposed from a car park access management system.


Leveraging our learnings and partnering with our customers’ workspace needs, we broadened our technology platform capability to embrace the full end to end journey, enhancing the customers’ interaction with their workspace.  


Our intent is to elevate engagement between the owner of the asset and their valuable tenants by providing a conduit for purposeful human and digital transformation. 


Our current suite of products evolved due to our firsthand experience navigating the various layers of real estate management, operational inefficiencies due to the silo functions, processes and systems within the asset ecosystem.

Our Products

Empowering smart space and access control management systems. 


OpusPlace provides an integrated solution for organisations to manage their access, space, meeting and events, end of trip, parking and affiliated tenancy services to harness employee engagement.


OpusPark is a contactless digital parking solution enabling owners greater influence over their valuable car park asset. 

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OpusHome offers residential homeshare providers with a digital automation solution to enhance the guest experience, spanning the pre-arrival, arrival and post phases of their stay.